General Terms and Conditions



Below are general terms and conditions between Bias and Customer for the testing services.


Customer: Companies buying services and products from BİAS . 

Testing Services: All types of tests and associated services like measurement, simulation, calibration.


2.1 Customer must provide test specifications to Bias in detail. 

2.2 BİAS issues a test report after finishing the testing service. This report does not mean that the “product” tested is verified. 

2.3 BİAS, is not responsible from damages of tested parts which might happen during tests. 

2.4 Customer must inform Bias regarding any danger associated with the parts to be tested against health and safety.  

2.5 Customer is responsible for the operation of the device under test during testing. Customers must provide all necessary equipment, power supply, computer etc to operate the device under test. 

2.6 All incoming and outgoing transportation of the tested parts is Customer responsibility. 

2.7 Customer accept Bias safety and confidentiality rules of Bias during test services. 

2.8 All customer staff are due to Bias permission to enter test site. 

2.9 All people attending tests must obey Bias health and safety rules of Bias. 

2.10 Parts must be collected from test center maximum in 30 days after tests. Bias is not responsible from parts not collected. 


3.1 If test needs to repeated because of anything except conditions due to Bias’s responsibility, additional test services are due to fees.  

3.2 If customer cancels test earlier than its planned end time, customer needs to pay all the fees for the testing services performed until cancellation. 

3.3 Test report is given at the end of testing. 

3.4 All prices excludes VAT if otherwise indicated. 

3.5 Payments are done against agreed terms during ordering. 

3.6 If otherwise agreed, Bias will send test report and invoice by mail. 

Customer Approval


Name-Surname, Title


Application Form can be downloaded here!!!

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