Analysis and Simulation

We can help your projects by providing design and analysis services. Simulations help to understand the structural behavior of the system better. When testing is not possible at some point, simulations can complement testing at these circumstances. Our simulation services include CFD fluid dynamics, vehicle dynamics, fatigue, thermal studies, vibration, acoustics, impact and shock etc. We can also simulate regulatory tests such as ROPS, FOPS, ECE R66, ECE R107.




Test Fixture Manufacturing

We can design and manufacture best fixture to your needs. In almost all cases fixtures are necessary to test components and subsystems. Fixture design, strength and vibration properties are important. The mechanical workshop in test center can produce some of the test fixtures.


RLD Processing

We can collect all type of data such as strain, acceleration, force, temperature, CAN Bus and digital data in the field. We can process the data and continuously monitor them.

Test specification generation

Sometimes test specification are not certain or unavailable. We can collect and process data as well as perform simulation to create fatigue test specifications. By utilizing techniques to accelerate fatigue tests, we can generate faster tests with same equivalent damage content. This can be done both for servo hydraulic fatigue test and also for fatigue tests for electrodynamic shakers.

Training and Consultancy

We can give consultancy for your studies in structural strength, vibration, thermal, fluid flow, acoustics, thermal etc.

You can also ask for individual training while you are at in our test center for:

  • Fatigue
  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Measurement techniques
  • Finite element analysis

Test system development

Let us design and manufacture custom test benches for you.

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