Vibration and shock resistance and operation are among the important issues of the automotive and defense industry. Vibration up to very high frequencies and shock tests at high levels can be performed with electro-dynamic shakers.

3 axes are tested in order in electro-dynamic shakers. In X and Y axis tests, the test sample is placed on the sliding table of the shaker. The shaker armature is connected to the sliding table by rotating it 90 degrees and a test is carried out by vibrating the sliding table. In tests in the Z axis, the test sample is attached directly to the shaker armature.

We perform vibration and shock tests with our electrodynamic shaker, which has a force capacity of 49kN (sinus-random) and 98kN (shock).


  • Electrodynamic shaker 
  • Maximum force 49 kN (Sine & Random); 98 kN (shock)
  • Maximum payload 1000kg
  • Static load capability 800kg
  • Maximum acceleration: 98 g (Sine)
  • Maximum displacement 51mm
  • Frequency range: 5-2400Hz
  • Slip table and head expander: 800mm x 800mm
  • Can be combined with environmental test chamber
  • Servo hydraulic vibration test system: Performs testing of large and heavy parts up to 200 Hz and 250kN force. 3 axes are tested separately. Railway and automotive standard tests of structures such as EV battery packs, air conditioning, warehouses..


Note: Below are example standards can be performed.

Defense-Aerospace Industry

  • MIL-STD-810G: Military Products
  • MIL-STD-167: Shipboard Equipment
  • MIL-DTL-25707: Antennas
  • MIL-DTL-26500: Electrical Connectors
  • MIL-E-5400: Electronic Equipment
  • MIL-PRF-15733: Filters & Capacitors
  • MIL-PRF-28800: Electrical/Electronic Equipment
  • MIL-HDBK-2036: Electronic Equipment
  • NAVMAT_P-9492: Navy Military Electronics
  • RTCA DO-160G
  • NATO AECTP 400: Mechanical Environmental Tests


  • ISO 16750
  • OEM STANDARDS (Ford, Fiat, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, PSA, VW, GM, Mercedes, etc…)


  • TS EN 61373
  • AREMA PART 11.5.1
  • ANSI C136.31-2010


  • IEC 60945 / EN 60945


  • TS EN 60068/IEC 60068

Packaged Product Tests

  • EN ISO 13355
  • EN ISO 8318
  • ISO 4180

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