Road Load Data Acquisition

We can collect road load data from vehicles based on customer needs. Services might include sensor application on vehicle, instrumentation, data collection, signal processing, durability calculations and test specification generation.


Stress and fatigue evaluation from strain measurements

We have 20 years of experience in stress and fatigue calculation from either measured data or finite element results. Measurement points are decided based on finite element analysis results. Durability scenarios are created based on customer usage. Accelerated fatigue test scenarios can be obtained by calculating damage equivalent testing conditions.

Measurements for Regulatory Tests

We can measure all data like temperature, force, acceleration, strain required by regulations during tests. Vehicle data available in CAN Bus is also measured in combination with analog sensors.

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Temperature, pressure, acceleration, displacement, force measurements

The measurement and reporting of the physical properties such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, displacement and force required in product development or qualification processes in laboratory or field conditions are carried out by us. The collected data are evaluated, processed and reported according to the requested data processing needs.

Can-Bus data acquisition

Can-bus dataline monitoring and recording in vehicle are the services that we performed succesfully.

Vehicle Dynamics – ADAS Tests

We can perform measurements for vehicle dynamics and ADAS. These are data such as vehicle position, heading, accelerations, slip angle, brake distance.

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